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About Us

FACES stands for Families with Autistic Children Encouraging Support. We were formed by a group of parents/carers to help meet the needs of families of autistic children in and around the Bath area 


Whether your child has been recently diagnosed or you have plenty of experience, bringing up an autistic child is both challenging and rewarding all rolled into one. FACES was formed by a group of parents who want to help by giving children the chance to enjoy themselves in a non-threatening environment whilst giving parents/carers the chance to share our knowledge and experiences and support each other. Our sessions are designed to include siblings without autism on an equal basis.

How About Joining Us?


We couldn't do what we do without a great group of volunteers who get involved. Helping young people with autism thrive is incredibly rewarding as is providing positive help and encouragement to their parents/carers.


We need more people to share the load so if you feel you could help us then please contact us using the details on the contact page. We'd love to hear from you.

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